3x 25mg Boomshot Bath Salt vials


Same great ChillBombs, but in powder form!

This Bath Salt sample pack is a perfect treat if you want to try out a few different scents. As always handmade with our non toxic, dye free and ZERO harmful chemical recipe. This product is also 100% plastic free! Enjoy the benefits of CBD, feel good about what your putting on your skin, and rest easy about your impact on the enviroment. Each jar is perfectly infused with 25mg of 99.9 % pure CBD isolate and scented with pure terpines and essentials oils.

Bombs Away!

25mg Bath Salts

  • This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any ailments.

  • Draw a hot bath, drop your boom shot in, and watch the magic happen! Allow at least 25 minutes to soak with your product.  Use caution when standing up or exiting the tub.  A quick rinse afterwards will remove any leftover color.



    Our small jars are completely reusable. Find a creative way to reuse yours!

    Bombs Away!