Some of our friends in the industry

Here at ChillBombs, we believe that we should be transparent with the brands we work with. It takes a village to keep this thing goin'! Below you will find a few of our favorite colleagues.

420 Intel is a leader in both US and Canadian Cannabis industries. These guys know what's up as far as trusted brands, sourcing information, and education. We LOVE this site for research and networking.

CBD Today covers the people + plants + products fueling the unprecedented growth of the evolving CBD industry. they are the authority on running your CBD business in today's world. They have all of the educational articles you'll need to learn anything from what CBD even is, to highlighting top notch products, to connecting you with suppliers and retailers around the country.

What distinguishes MG from other brands is their exceptional access to the industry's most influential people--the game changers and disruptors who are propelling the cannabis industry forward. All of their products are a direct reflection of the progressive innovation and trendsetting that continue to pave the way for this rapidly emerging industry.

Bluebird Botanicals is by far our favorite source for CBD. We have exclusively been using their Isolate for about 2 years now. Their 3rd party lab test results are some of the cleanest we have come across

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