ChillBombs™ began as a home experiment in 2018.


Founder, Karyssa, was in search of a fusion of two of her favorite self-care products.


After extensive research, she was left with a limited selection of products on the market. The few companies making bath products were either using materials containing irritants and dyes or simply using CBD as a topical product.

She called Sam, and the two got to work to create an all-natural, responsibly-sourced, allergen-free, one of a kind transdermal solution. 

Through many batches of trial & error, we found the perfect recipe and infusion method. We shared some prototypes with friends, and they just couldn't get enough!


ChillBombs™ was born, and we've been bombin' in our free time ever since. 

Always hand-crafted

Individually infused for accuracy

Made with Love 

in Marietta, GA